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ginto. The accessibility platform to join in.

Decide autonomously with ginto 

The platform ginto makes accessibility information for locations available in order to make taking part in social life easier. In doing so, ginto focuses on the diverse needs of its users and not on the physical limitation. An entrance without steps can be just as helpful to parents with a stroller as it can for a wheelchair user. With ginto, each person decides for him/herself whether a location is accessible or not.

Record needs

In your profile, you can record your needs and let ginto know which spatial conditions are problematic for you, as well as which ones are not. Your personal profile allows for an individual description of the accessibility information for a number of different categories.

Check accessibility

Our app offers you an location-based search. This is how you can check the accessibility of public institutions in you immediate area, for example. Combined with your personal needs profile, we offer you an unmatched degree of personalization.

Sharing knowledge

Alongside our partner organizations such as Pro Infirmis, you can also add or edit ginto entries. With the help of many users, the number of recorded locations is growing quickly and the entries stay up to date. Share your knowledge and make access to social life easier for others.


«Sleek and simple app that makes writing about accessibility fun!»
«Just now, ginto proved its valuable service to me. It let me know that the elevator in city hall in Wil is probably to small for me.»
«At the moment, ginto is the most revolutionary accessibility app for me.»
“Ginto can make everyday life easier for thousands of people.”

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