About us

Our Vision

Everyone has their own individual needs and we at ginto think that’s good! Comprehensive inclusion for all people will only become a reality when people are present and navigate the spaces where others are. Unfortunately there are still a lot of obstacles in the way. ginto points out where these barriers are and which resources are available in order to encourage autonomy and personal freedom for every individual.

Who we are

The ginto platform was developed and is operated by the sponsoring association AccessibilityGuide and its motivated team of volunteers. The association is a officially recognized non-profit organization.

Feedback requested

There are a lot of ideas to be implemented and there’s probably a mistake or two hidden in our source code. We’d be happy to get your Feedback, which will allow us to improve ginto. If you like the platform and you’re in a position to make a small donation to donate, we’d appreciate your support and thank you very much in advance.